Monday, December 19, 2011

I Won a Vegan Giveaway! Whoopee!

Just got an email confirmation that I won a Vegansauraus giveaway from Alison's Gourmet!  And this is how happy I am...

The contest went like this, just dream up a confection you have been dying to sink your teeth in and the best idea wins... and I won!  Hiphiphooray!  My idea was a giant homemade marshmallow dipped in caramel then in chocolate and rolled in almonds and coconut.  You can check it out here: I better get on my extravagant winnings of a $20 gift card pronto so I can stuff my face with junk food before January 1st which is my official start date for giving up sugar :(  Sad I know, but I will NOT be giving up desserts there are plenty of things you can do with dates and stevia.

Keep yourself posted for some cookie party fun and vegan sweet potato and black bean chili with jalapeno cornbread!!!

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