Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raw Valentines Strawberry Shortcake

Damn bitches I have been totally missing in action.  Well... as some of you know I have been going through the saddest break-up of my life:(  But  the depression fog is slowly starting to clear and my creativity is slowly starting to come back to me.

My eating has been all over the place where I wont eat all day then I will have seem piece of shit as meal to sooth the pain.  Well I am happy to be eating more normally and even more happy to be back to my blog.  I REALLY love cooking and blogging and feel it is my way of expressing art.... and what better way to express a broken heart than to create food with hearts in it.

Anyways, on to what you are all here for, the food!  The beautiful picture above was taken by my awesome friend Elise who had the pleasure of eating this delectable little dessert.  It is something I just threw together and didn't measure so if you are making your own and something doesn't seem right go with your gut and adjust it.  It is super easy and you can shape the "shortcake" into pretty much any shape you would like. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum....

Raw Strawberry Shortcake

4-5 dates pitted
1 cup of walnuts
dash of salt

Cashew Cream:
1/2 cup cashews
2 tablespoons agave

2 pints of strawberries sliced
1 tablespoon agave

1. Mix the strawberries and the agave together and set aside.  In a food processor add the dates, walnuts and salt and mix until a course mixture is formed, the mixture should have some texture but still hold together.  To make the cashew cream add cashews and agave to blender and cover just to the top of the cashews with water.  Blend until a smooth creamy consistency is formed.

2. To assemble separate the strawberries into four dishes.  You can either crumble the shortcake on top the strawberries or shape it into whatever you wish.  Then top with cashew cream and it's ready to go.


  1. Chocolate chip cookies, as seen at Occupy RWC! :)

  2. Cool, I loved them, gonna have to use the recipe next time I need some home baked deliciousness. Go Occupy RWC! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I recommend you check out She is an awesome vegan chef and won Cup Cake wars on the Food Network. She has some great recipes on there that I think you would enjoy trying out.

    I also love baking my own vegan goods. I try to avoid butter, oils and sugar so I use the following ingredients to make an awesome clean vegan cookie: old fashion oats, unsweetened applesauce, ripe banana, vanilla and vegan chocolate chips.

    They don't spread out like regular cookies but I love them.